Don’t even know…

It is always easy

to find inspiration

when you are inspired

where comes it from?

heart? mind? 

love? reason?

The moon? the night?

stars aligned?

dreams come true?

or frustrated goals?


You, honey

you’ll be my inspiration tonight

What I know…

What I can’t have…

a possibility 

of uncertain things,

my partner in dreams

my just friends in real life


Do you feel this?

you show it but, is it real?

or am I just seeing what’s not there?

can I blame you?

or it would be only my fault again?


Your eyes shine right now

do you feel this?

do you love me?

do you want me?


I’m writing for me to know

do write for me, my love?

I’m going to remain quiet

to keep your smile wide.

Are you going to keep quiet

and lose my heart?

If so, we’ll never know…


And I will blame it all

on the inspiration

(wherever it comes)

that made me write this

to forever remember

a couple of people

that never talked.

(about it)


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