In love with a Star… (Thinking of you)

It’s hard to explain
this thing I am feeling
I should say it is crazy
that’s what they’ll say it is…

but here in my heart,
every time I think of you,
a spark starts to grow…
starts to shine, as bright as day
here, my heart feels so mild
so warm…

in this cold, cold world
you make it feel all different,
crazy, I know!
that’s what they’ll say
crazy, I know! it kind of is true…

but here in my heart,
feels so good and so right…
when I think about you I can feel
my lips giving birth to a smile
and I feel that spark of my heart
getting to my eyes…

You do everything so fine,
always with a smile…
you are so bright (as the stars)
in what you do,
wherever you go
the sparks grows & grows
in so many hearts…
You are so bright (as the stars)
you shine so beautifuly
into this world of dark (as the night)


Here in my heart
I won’t deny…
here in my heart…
I got to be honest,
when I feel it’s right…
they’ll say it is crazy
but in fact
it’s so normal to do
(because of who you are)
a star shining bright
in my dark night

That’s why I’ll tell you
from here…
in my heart…
Thank you

by: Rose.


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