Monday Musings: Why All Writers are Utter Nut-Cases…

If you need motivation to write (let your ideas out) This is something you should read…(it’s beautiful)

Imagination's Underground Railroad

Written by Daniel Blackaby

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

 I’m crazy.

My long-suffering wife has heartily seconded that motion on many, many occasions. My diagnosis? Just the insignificant, trifling nuance that many of my closest friends are, in fact, completely invisible and make-believe…Oh, and sometimes I hear voices in my head. Is that normal?

Allow me to introduce two of these good friends of mine: Cody and Jade. I first met them when they visited my room, quite expectantly, late one night. They invited me to join them in a wild adventure – just as long as I wouldn’t get in the way too much from the story they wanted to tell. So for the last three years I have spent day-after-day with Cody and Jade, copying down their quests like a diligent scribe. I wasn’t sure what the final outcome…

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