Maybe tomorrow, Maybe now!

Is a rush inside

up and down and then again so high…

and you just can’t stop

not when you want to

just when it decides to.

that’s why people say

“to fall” that’s how it feels

like falling into a hole

and you can’t escape at all.


What a complicated, yet easy thing

what a magical place,

is dark and light

is sweet but kind of bitter in a while,

it hurts but you can’t live without it.

Nobody wants to suffer, 

but you always prefer to be hurt

than existing without knowing what it is…

to not know what’s going on,

to not be able to resist it,

to feel the way you do now,

when you are in love,

to keep trying until you get there,

to love and be loved in return,

all the greatness, all at once.


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