Oh my wish! (always you)

I wish flights lasted longer…

I wish I wasn’t a coward…

I wish I was there with you…

I wish I wasn’t invisible…

I wish you would have given me an answer

I wish I had a better question…

I wish I could fall…

I wish you could hold me if I do

I wish you had it all

I wish that all was in me to give

To you…

I’ll always wish you the best

But that is not who I am

I wish I was the one.

To hold you in my arms, I wished

That wish that never came true…

That wish that keeps being just you.

When I lift up my head,

And see the pretty light

Of that falling wish-star

I wish always the same,

I wish flights lasted longer,

I wish you weren’t a loner,

I wish I could be there,

I wish you could see me then…

I’ll kiss you and give you all,

But my wishes are just void,

Empty voices all alone,

A mere fantasy, old,

Repeated, and lost

Within the wind,

Inside my soul,

Where I’ll burry this wish,

For another shooting stars night.

For another night dreaming of you.


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