Día 2… The follow-up…

(I’ll start in Spanish today…you can read the English version at the end)

¡Hola amigos lectores! 🙂

Hoy comienzo en español y después en inglés… para cambiar un poco el orden de las cosas porque demasiado orden…no es lo mío 😉

Gracias le doy a Dios, por un día más de vida y gracias porque, les cuento, hoy comencé a usar un sistemita llamado The Storyline Productivity Schedule, que es como una especie de Lista de cosas por hacer (To-do list) de forma organizada para mejorar la productividad de cada día, creado por Donald Miller y su equipo de “Storyline” (supongo que después les explicaré más sobre esto) y la verdad es que me sirvió bastante…y cumplí con casi, casi todas las cosas que tenía que hacer…digamos que de 10 sólo me faltaron 2 y eso es un progreso muy significativo…

Ayudar a mi mamá (después de tantos años) a abrirse una cuenta de Facebook (red social a la cual se negaba a unirse) fue una de las cosas que pude hacer hoy…¡Muy divertido! 😉 A pesar de que esto fue una sorpresa para muchos…no es lo más sorprendente del día de hoy…

Lo otro que hice este día fue salir con mi papá, me compró una agenda 2014 (de ¡Campanita! sorry, no me pude resistir) este año SI la voy a llenar y usar…y además…Nos inscribimos en un ¡GIMNASIO! ¿qué les parece? jaja ¡Este año promete actos extremos! (lo difícil no es comenzar sino mantenerse…)

Hice mi primer cheque, con supervisión adulta (¡de mi hermano menor!) y ¡me sentí gente grande! pero… ¿saben qué? ¡No lo soy aún! ¿saben cómo lo sé? …No consigo el cheque.. 😦 lo perdí antes de poder llevarlo al banco… (Lo sé, soy la peor, no se preocupen, estaba súper bien “endosado” no hay riesgos ;))

Estos son los eventos más resaltantes del día…porque marcan cambios, cosas nuevas que vienen con este año nuevo, con estas nuevas oportunidades, con estas páginas en blanco que Dios nos regala para escribir un nuevo libro, vivir una nueva historia.

Se siente bien escribir, se siente bien ser leída, se siente bien tener amigos y amigas maravillosos que me apoyan, me dan sugerencias, me comentan, me alientan… VALE MUCHÍSIMO para mi, espero que lo sepan… y me inspiran a seguir haciéndolo. ¡GRACIAS!

Sé que no voy a lograr nada sin ustedes, primero Dios obviamente, pero fuimos creados para vivir en comunidad, y somos capaces de progresar sólo cuando contamos con el apoyo de otros… ES BÍBLICO… Eclesiastés 4:9-10 dice “Mejor dos que uno, pues obtienen mayor recompensa en sus fatigas. Porque, si caen, uno levantará al otro. Pero, ¡ay si uno cae sin tener a nadie que lo levante!”

Así que los necesito para que me levanten si me caigo y en este caso para que no se me olviden los compromisos que he adquirido para con mis sueños… GRACIAS por estar allí.

¡Dios les bendiga!



Hello friends! 🙂

Today, just like you should have noticed, I started in Spanish with the English version at the end of it…to change things up a little bit, because too much organization is not really “my thing” 😉


I want to Thank God for one more day to live. I also want to thank Him for something, let me tell you about it, that I started using today, an organization system called “The Storyline Productivity Schedule” you can find it here for free, like a day planner made to increase productivity and is suppose to help you overcome procrastination. It was created by Donald Miller and his team at Storyline (I guess I’m going to talk about Storyline a little bit more in the future). Let me tell you that at least for today it worked! 🙂 It was very helpful and I achieved almost everything I had in my “to-do list” let’s say that I got 8 out of 10 things done 🙂 and to me that is a very significant change.

One of the things I got to do today was help my mom (after so many years I got her to do it!) to open a Facebook account (she refused to join this social network for a long time haha) It was a lot of fun! 😉 And even though my mommy having a facebook account was a surprise for all our friends it wasn’t the most surprising thing that happened today…

Something else I got to do was… going out with my dad. He bought me a 2014 agenda (it’s a Tinkerbell one!! sorry, I couldn’t help myself!) and then… We signed up for a GYM!! Who would have imagined something like this happening? right? haha This year promises extreme actions! (the hard thing is not to start or sign up but keep going)

Today I wrote my first check, with adult supervision of course (my younger brother haha) and it made me feel like a grown-up but you know what? I’m not one yet! How do I know that? well… I couldn’t even take it to the bank…I lost it! 😥 But hey! no worries it was well endorsed (? my brother taught me well… it’s safe! 🙂

And this are the most relevant events of today… they are relevant because they involve change. New things that come with this New Year, these new opportunities, these new blank pages that God has given us to write a new book, to live a new story.

It feels good to write, it feels good to be read, it feels good to have so many wonderful friends, that take the time to read me, support me, give me comments and suggestions, to encourage me… It means a LOT to me, I want you all to know that. You inspire me to keep doing it. Thanks!

I know I won’t get anything done without you guys, God first of course, but I believe we were created to live in community; we are only capable of progress when we have the support of others. It’s on the Bible. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 says “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”

So, I need you all to pick me up if I fall and in this case to not forget the commitment I’ve made to go after my dreams… THANK YOU for being there for me.

¡Dios les bendiga! / God bless you all!




7 thoughts on “Día 2… The follow-up…

  1. Ken Trammell says:

    You go girl. I am proud of you for starting this new venture in your life. God bless you. Someone recently wrote that I should have a blog too. But, I don’t know about that; if I have enough to say.

    • Aww Ken!!! Thanks!!! It means a lot to see your comments in here!! Amen! Oh! YES! You should! hahaha I don’t think I’m gonna have interesting things to say everyday but I’m still going to try! and when I run out stories to tell or whenever I have a “boring” or “no worth recording” day I could post a poem I like or a cooking recipe or something funny ….maybe a joke! anything works! So I think you can do it!! 😀

  2. Yasi says:

    Well, I’m gonna write in English because my thoughts are British at the moment.
    I love to hear you’re starting to write again. I’m so happy for you. I know you love it and you are amazing at it, why didn’t you try it sooner?
    Basically, I think I don’t need to tell you that I’m always there for you (even if it is to listen to your frustration over a book I lend you).
    You’re a grown up, you just choose to be a child at heart… what’s wrong with that?
    Well, I think I need to stop before I do my own blog here.
    Love ya, Parabatai. 😉

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha dude you crazy u know?? you little brititch head! “At the moment”? Come on!! Your thoughts are always jamiiiieee and more jamieee and he is British so… Your thought are always British hahahaha thank you for being always there for me! Thank you for being yourself and thank you for getting me so well!! Jajaja :* you rule sweetie!! Love youuu tons! Best parabatai evah!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No te imaginas como me haces Reir!
    Definitivamente me Encanta como Escribes! A leo y es como si hablaras conmigo! jeje
    y Tranquis Amore.. Siempre Leeré tus cosas y te Animaré a Seguir escribiendo como Siempre te lo he dicho!
    Sos la Mejor!! Ahora Seguiré subiendo a Leer!!
    Aun me Falta.. jeje
    Te Re LoveU!
    Aquí Didy!

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