Hello everybody!! 🙂

Today was my grandma’s birthday… It was good when she told us that she couldn’t sleep because she got too excited thinking about her birthday and the cake and having us around in the apartment. It got to me the fact that she’s had 73 birthdays and she still gets excited when one more birthday comes around… Like it was something new, a new present, a new year, a new opportunity…

I got my student’s lists for this period…I’m excited to teach English one more time…to meet my new “kids” haha they’re all adults but somehow I feel responsible for them and for their learning process. I can’t wait to meet them and see how that goes. 😀

Something new today? New kicks! http://instagram.com/p/jA7eJstlHG/

And my new lists of students too but I prefer to count them as new when I have the chance to meet them 🙂

Goodnight everyone!

P.S: If you can be happy…don’t let your brains get in the way… Sometimes we think too much. =/ 😉



¡¡Hola muchachones!!  🙂

Hoy fue el cumpleaños de mi abuela… Fue muy fino (chevere) cuando nos contó que no había podido dormir casi porque estaba emocionada pensando en su cumpleaños… en la torta y en tenernos en su apartamento para celebrarlo… Me impactó el hecho de que a pesar de haber vivido ya unos cuantos cumpleaños y aún se emociona por otro… como si fuera una experiencia nueva, un nuevo regalo, un nuevo año, una  nueva oportunidad…

Me dieron mis listas de nuevos alumnos para este periodo. Me emociona poder dar clases de inlgés otra vez, conocer a mis nuevos “niños” que aunque sean todos adultos siempre me hacen sentir como que son mi responsabilidad, su aprendizaje depende de mi trabajo, por eso a mis grupos los llamo “mis niños”. Ya quiero conocerlos y ver como va todo… 😀

¿Algo nuevo de hoy? Mis nuevos zapatos deportivos! http://instagram.com/p/jA7eJstlHG/

y las listas que me dieron con los nombres de mis estudiantes es algo nuevo, pero quiero contarlo como algo nuevo el día que realmente los conozca y comience a enseñarles…

¡Buenas noches gente!

P.D: Les recomiendo que si pueden ser felices…¡Lo sean! no dejen que sus cerebros se interpongan… A veces pensamos demasiado las cosas… =/ 😉



2 thoughts on “74…

  1. Bill says:

    Wow… It would sure make it easy to spot you in a crowded street! Ha Ha. Rose, I just started reading your blog here and I must say that you are a very gifted young lady. I wish we were not separated by so many miles. If by some future chance, you might ever visit Pennsylvania in the U.S., we ( Mary Lee & I ) would love to have you come stay with us for a visit. Maybe even introduce you to my crazy son, Caleb! I enjoy your writing and perspective on life. Keep up the great work and I hope you graduate with “flying colors”. Yay! Love to you and your family, ~ Bill Boswell 🙂

    • Hahahahahahaha… Bill!! you gotta see my other pair of kicks! they are fluorescent green!! Even easier to spot me! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog and for your very kind words! Awww… I miss the US, I normally travel to Texas to visit my aunt but it would be awesome to go to Pennsylvania…I’ve never been there and I love visiting new places…also I would love to see you guys again and spend some time with you two and even get to meet your son hahahahaha I like crazy people! 🙂 I’ll do my best to keep on with the blog and to graduate…maybe not flying colors….but I’ll see what I can do hahaha Love to you and Mary Lee! miss youuu guys! God bless you tons!

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