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Hoy sólo quiero decir que amo el italiano (el idioma, no se confundan). Quisiera mejorar mi italiano, está tan lastimado el pobre, pero sé que lo haré… será mejor. ¿Cómo lo sé? La música. La música me habla, me dice, me alienta, me da esperanza, me enamora…

El amor todo lo puede. Yo amo ese idioma… yo puedo mejorar 🙂

Hoy escuché esta canción por “casualidad” jajaja tenía como 10 años sin escuchar esta canción y me trae recuerdos, de una época feliz y triste, una época confusa, dónde no tenía ni idea de que iba a hacer con mi futuro, dónde tenía sólo fetos de sueños y no sabía como darles forma… Era muchas cosas, muchas de ellas extraño serlas, como espontánea y extrovertida jajaja pero otras no las extraño tanto… Esta canción me recuerda que he cambiado, no mucho pero sí, y me recuerda que algunos cambios son buenos, mientras la esencia sea la misma.

¡Gracias Dios por acompañarme desde mi época de Tiziano Ferro y Blue hasta ahorita…mi vida de Switchfoot y Arisa! jajaja 🙂

(Gracias a todos los que leen y me animan a no dejar de hacer esto, en días como hoy, provoca renunciar, pero luego recuerdo sus palabras y hago un esfuerzo por seguir.)




Today I just want to say that I love Italian (the language, of course) and I wish my Italian was better, oh my poor Italian is all so damaged, but I know I’m going to be able to make it better, it’ll be better. How do I know it? Because of Music.

Music speaks to me, it talks to me, it encourages me, it gives me hope and makes me fall in love…

Love can do all things. I love that language… therefore, I can get better at it! 🙂

Today I “accidentally” ended up listening to this song jajaja I hadn’t heard this song in like 10 years! It brings back so many memories, memories of a sad but very happy time. A very confused time of my life, a time in which I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future… I only had fetuses of dreams and I didn’t know how to give them form…

I used to be many things back then, some of them I miss, like being more spontaneous and extrovert; some other things I don’t miss… This song reminds me I’ve changed, not too much, but I have and it reminds me that some changes can be good as long as I don’t change my essence…

Thank you Lord for being with me from my Tiziano Ferro and Blue stage till today… my Switchfoot and Arisa stage! hehehe 🙂

(Thank you all who read me and encourage me to keep doing this, in days like this all I want to do is give up but then I remember your words and I make an effort to keep going…)




4 thoughts on “Italiano. / Italian

  1. Bill Boswell says:

    Rose, I find that I absolutely love to relate to songs and lyrics too. Music speaks to me deeply. It’s as if a very special friend is talking to me and causing me joy, happiness, or sorrow and sadness. The “blues” are one of my favorite styles of music. It is “street wise”… It is “raw” emotion that relates to me better than people can do in person. (if that makes any sense)? I agree with your posts about “love”, whether it is close by or oceans away. Love is a connection that has sparked to life by the interactions we have had with each other. I yearn to see those people that I met in Venezuela again. I know that even if that may not be a reality, that one day we shall meet again through Jesus Christ our Lord when we receive our glorious bodies and join with other believers in the new heaven and the new earth. It is that kind of love that produces hope. And I hope to be able to see you again someday! Love Ya , Rose! Keep up the great work that you are doing and persevering. It HAS TO end up fulfilling your dreams in one way or another. You are ambitious and very focused. I think you will be a very successful young lady and certainly a prize to to some lucky man who comes your way for a lifetime. Peace to you friend! Conquer the day. Grasp for the best offerings that God has laid before you. Be a Blessing to others too in your daily dealings with the world. I believe in your dreams. Rock On, Girl! 🙂

    • Hey Bill! 🙂 you have no idea how much I love your comments! they’re so encouraging! thanks! Music speaks deeply to me too… when you said the “blues” and the way you described it made me think of an excellent book I read called “Blue like Jazz” you should totally read it! it’s different, very good and makes you think A LOT about so many things! And yeah…what you said, about music relating better to you than people in person, totally makes sense! I feel the same way!
      About people and love…I hope you can come back to Venezuela again! but like you said If that doesn’t happen we still have the hope to meet again and there’s nothing greater than that hope of eternity together with our Lord 😀
      “It is that kind of love that produces hope.” Exaclty! 🙂
      I hope to get to see you again too! It was great having you guys here, working by your side and then getting to go shopping with you hehehe that was tons of fun! 🙂
      THANK YOU! like I said in the beginning of this comment…your words are super encouraging! they mean a lot to me! Thanks for believing in my dreams and believing in my potential 🙂 Peace to you too! love ya!
      God bless you more and more everyday! 🙂 It’s a blessing to have friends like you to count on! 🙂

  2. Bill Boswell says:

    It was a privilege for us to meet you, Rose. You are a very talented woman. I’m sure God has big plans for your life. Keep a good attitude and be patient with yourself. Learning new things can be frustrating at times, and sometimes we have a tendency to “beat ourselves up” over these things… (like right now, I am trying my hand at learning how to play the guitar from elementary beginnings. I used to play in a “garage band” with other guys when I was in high school, but I only learned how to play a few songs by memory. Now I am trying to learn the proper way from a teacher, and it gets discouraging to me at times when I can’t seem to play the way my instructor does.). But, I am having fun trying to do this. I might fail at doing this, but at least I know that I have given it a try. Life is too short to be so serious about some things that don’t really mean to affect me in a negative way. Just learning my limits and enjoying my life from what God allows me to do. I have learned to be content with my life and I give thanks to God every day for the “little things” that we take for granted. I enjoy giving and helping others and I think that God has returned His blessings to me in ways that just seem perfect to me. It is hard to describe what I am trying to say. All I know is, I would not want to have my life changed around all over again… I am very satisfied with the family I have been given and I have no regrets. Make a point to be honest with others and live your life to the fullest. Thanks for listening to me go on and on and on. Old men have a lot to say sometimes. Ha Ha Ha.

    • HAHAHAHA Bill you seriously rock! hahahaha I understand what you’re saying… It’s frustrating in the beginning but then it’s a satisfaction knowing you had a hard time learning to do something new and you succeed anyway! That’s a very gratifying feeling. It’s worth it. That’s good that you are learning to play the guitar! I’ve tried so many times…but the I leave it because of other things that take up most of my time… 😦 But I know one day I’ll learn 🙂 I won’t give up maybe right now is just not the time for me to focus on that…
      “Make a point to be honest with others and live your life to the fullest.” I loved this!! You are very good at giving advice! Maybe you should start a blog too 😀 for all those times when you feel like you “have a lot to say” hahaha I think that’s also a way of helping others and being honest (that are two of my favorite things too hahaha) Maybe just telling a story, a part of your day and reflecting about it can help someone that may need that reflection, those words… 🙂

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