You leave me waiting… // Tú me dejas esperando…

I hate how you make me feel

how in just one second

you leave me waiting.

I lose my confidence,

my head, my patience,

you take your time

and drive me crazy…

I want you now, to tell me now…

5 minutes & still not a word

give me a break

this torture goes too slow

you look my direction

but take a while to make a move

you leave me waiting,

3 steps, then 2…

you come closer, you leave me waiting

I lose my cool, my nerve

& my temper

I get angry at you but it’s not really

you what makes me angry

It’s the fact that everything goes slow-motion

when you enter the room

It makes me mad

how you control time

(how it’s only been 10 mins

but it feels

like 10 years have passed)

and the beat of my heart

all at the same time.

It’s not that much…

                          why I get so desperate?

It’s the urgency I feel

                         when it’s you I’m waiting for.




y en español…lo siento, pero como dije antes…la mayoría de los “poemas” que escriba los dejaré en el idioma en el que lo haya escrito originalmente… 😉



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