This is what you do to me… (my trying at graphic poems)

What you make me feel

I can’t quite understand 

What you make me feel 

Is kind of surreal ,,,


I sit here , again

Watching the sky fall 



Waiting for you to come rescue

                       What’s left of me  

But you’ve got a way,

(You make me feel safe)

I don’t understand!


My ground is  s h a k i n g,

My knees are weakened,

My face is twitching,

A nervous smile

                         Is all I’ve got

 And somehow it’s all I need

              When I am with you.


You are my wings, )(

When I feel like falling 



I’m not afraid , anymore 

You won’t let me hit the ground


When I feel like falling,

                      You keep me flying

And I’m not afraid anymore


You’ve shown me everyday .    .    .


know .



I can trust you.

-Rose. 😉


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