Rose is…

Hello! my name is Roselyn! and I’m from Venezuela. 🙂 Here you’ll find whatever comes out of my mind, heart and soul.

Picture0213 - Copy - Copy   So yeah…my mother language is Spanish. I’m still learning: English, Italian and I think I’ll never stop learning Spanish either.

I write stuff sometimes…must of the things I write are in English, but sometimes Spanish comes in with all its beauty and works out for me too…I’m studying to be an interpreter & translator (to the 3 languages I just mentioned) but my true passion is writing.

I thought you should know that if you’re going to read me, so you can understand if I make silly mistakes in my 2nd language (if you have any corrections to make about my English…please do it! I’m always looking to improve it)

Since this is about me, I think the best way to describe who I am is something I wrote some time ago…

  ” Yes This is the life God has given me…and yes this is me, and this is, yes, how i’ve decided to live… always a child at heart, a wild gypsy one… and you can’t stop me now… like the wind you’ll watch me fly…& I’m never coming down! “

God is first to me. I am second. He saved me and gave meaning to my life…nothing (not even writing) would be worth anything without knowing He loves me. He gave me this life so I would live it and this is what I do to feel alive: I write.

I am who I am…myself. I want to travel the world, i want to help people communicate, i want to serve others, i want to learn from other cultures, i want to fly and swim and never stop growing. I love music (my favorite language). I love colors. I love landscapes and taking pictures. I love art and everything that can represent beauty. Movies, Stories, Community, SwitchfootTo Write Love on Her Arms…among other things.

Again, here I am…if you’ve got something (anything) constructive to say, or questions, whatever…Bring it!




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